In a sports massage, most patients want a powerful massage that penetrates deep into the muscles.
According to the definition, the main focus is on prevention, to prevent sports injuries, and a speedy recovery of the body after sports activity.
With the help of various hand movements, blood circulation in the muscles is intensified. Due to this increased blood circulation, more oxygen reaches the muscles and the metabolism on the muscular level is activated.
In addition, metabolic waste products are removed more efficiently and quickly, and muscle strength and endurance are increased. This can optimize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.


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Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


What are the effects of sports massage before and after training?

Preventive massage before sports can reduce the risk of inflammation and injury during sports activity. This is particularly important if training has not adequately prepared the body for the stresses ahead. In such circumstances, sports massage can significantly reduce the potential for injury.
As a type of warm-up exercise for the body, pre-sport massage serves to prepare the muscles for the physical activity to come. Similar to a traditional warm-up, it makes the body less susceptible to injury
After intense physical exertion, this therapy can help accelerate the recovery of the body and muscles and prevent muscle tension. Massage promotes the speedy elimination of lactate (lactic acid) and other cellular waste products, loosens hardening and tension, and quickly restores the body’s performance.

For which complaints can the sports massage help?

This massage technique is not exclusively recommended for top or professional athletes. Recreational athletes also derive benefits from the positive effects of this massage variant, especially before more extended or intensive training sessions that are of an unusual nature. For example, a sports massage can be applied before a marathon run, an exceptionally long bike ride or a competition. In this case, the massage method adapts to the specific requirements of the muscles of the particular sports discipline. In sports that require rapid and short muscle contractions (e.g. sprinting), the treatment is done in a way that activates the muscles and increases muscle tone. In disciplines such as cross-country skiing, which require longer and slower muscle contractions, the muscles are relaxed during the massage and the tone is reduced.
This form of massage is also especially recommended for athletes who practice a sport in which the body is subjected to very one-sided stress or the athlete suffers from enormous psychological pressure. Because in addition to the physical effects, sports massage also has a positive effect on the psyche and helps to reduce stress.

What is the process of a sports massage at Origin Chur?

1. At the beginning of the treatment, your therapist will take a comprehensive medical history. All information that is important for the treatment of your problem will be collected. The anamnesis can take between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of your issue.
2. After the anamnesis the treatment begins. The therapist leaves the room briefly so that you can undisturbed undress the parts of your body that will be treated and settle on the massage table.
3. the therapist focuses on your problem and applies various techniques. During the treatment, you are in communication, for example, about whether the pressure is strong enough, whether the technique is causing pain, or whether the therapist is hitting the trigger points. Your therapist and you should work together as a team.
4. After the treatment, you discuss how many treatments it will take for your problem and make the next appointment.

How often to perform a sports massage?

Basically, there are no strict guidelines regarding the frequency with which one should use this specific type of therapy.
The number of massages can be determined entirely according to personal preferences and requirements. An optimal time interval should be determined in consultation with the massage practitioner.
For competitive athletes, regular application is advisable. This also applies to recreational athletes who want to improve their general performance and prevent muscle tension.
However, for ordinary recreational athletes who just want to maintain their fitness, an occasional massage before and after competitions or other special challenges is sufficient.

Duration & booking

A Classic Massage at Origin Massage usually takes between 45 and 75 minutes. It depends on your request how much time is needed. If you are unsure, contact us by phone +41 76 76402 26, or by email info@origin-massage.ch, we will be happy to advise you.


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