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Med. Masseur, Heilpraktiker TEN / TCM mit Leidenschaft für die Manuelle Therapie. 40% - 80%


Med. Masseur, Heilpraktiker TEN / TCM mit Leidenschaft für die Manuelle Therapie. 40% - 80%


Med. Masseur, Heilpraktiker TEN / TCM mit Leidenschaft für die Manuelle Therapie. 40% - 80%

Send us an email with your CV, your EMR certificate and a short text about yourself.


  • Internal trainings and professional development from therapists with 10-20 years of experience
  • Team internal professional exchanges
  • 15 minutes breaks in between all treatments
  • Working days with no more than 6 hours of treating patients per day – above average salaries
  • Great team spirit. We have a very open and honest company culture. We value emotional and conversational skills.
  • We do not see mistakes and problems as negative. They are an opportunity for us all to grow and learn. Thus, we treat mistakes in a constructive manner and try to find a good solution together
  • We are very flexible and try to adapt to your needs. Exciting opportunities e.g. massaging as a team at events
  • Open mindset: You can bring in personal ideas or techniques


  • Passion for manual therapy
  • Professionalism
  • Registered at the EMR with at least one method
  • Joy in life
  • Flexibility
  • A growth mindset. Meaning you are open to learn and develop your skills and standards
  • Team spirit
  • The ability to constructively deal with problems


You are passionate about massage therapy, are full of curiosity and you want to learn and grow continuously to become one of the top therapists in your field? You want to be seen as an individual and not as a machine that constantly has to deliver and being part of a kind and motivated team is important to you?

Then you and Origin are the perfect match! We are a young and dynamic start-up, growing steadily year to year. You will be included in this growth and we invite you to bring in your ideas and bring in methods and techniques that we do not offer yet.

All new therapists receive in house training when they start working with Origin. We teach you everything we know to guarantee a constant quality among all Origin therapists for our clients. That way we can guarantee our customers that they will receive the best possible treatment.


We have monthly team meetings in which we celebrate our successes and constructively talk about what we can do better. In addition, we engage in a professional exchange. We agree on a topic and all therapists share their knowledge and skills around this topic. Furthermore, we foster team internal massage sessions. That way all therapists can learn from each other and it is an opportunity for the treating therapist to receive honest and constructive feedback.

You never treat clients more than 6 hours a day, except you wish to work longer hours. Inbetween all treatments you have at least a 15 minute break. It is important for us to create an environment where our therapists feel seen and heard. We have a company culture where we can talk about everything, even when it feels uncomfortable to talk about. Life means constant change, and we never know what is going to come in the future.

Apart from professional exchanges we also foster events where we can have fun as a team.