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Your benefits:

  • New customers

    9-20 new customers monthly

  • Google visibility

    Optimization, Ads, My Business

  • User friendly Online Booking System


  • Monthly termination of contract

    No fixed costs – commission based

  • Individual professional development

    EMR recognized

  • Quarterly network get-togethers

  • Support

    in all business-related questions

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Open your own practice.

Costs & Termination of Contract

Commission Costs: A one-time fee of 100 CHF for the first appointment of a new client. No charges for all subsequent appointments.

We charge a one-time fee of 100 CHF for the first appointment, regardless of whether 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes are booked. After that, no further fees are incurred, no matter how often the customer books with you.

New: We will cover the costs for the online booking system “OneDoc” for you!


0% for your own Clients.

For your own clients and those who come to you via your own channels, no commission is charged.

You can connect OneDoc with your own booking system, allowing you to manage both your own and our patients. By linking the two booking systems, double bookings are prevented as they synchronize with each other.

In case you reach a point where you feel that Origin is simply not the right match anymore, you can terminate your contract with us at any time.

No transfer fee for patients when terminating the contract. Everything is included in the 100 CHF.

Origin Massage: By Therapists, For Therapists – Our Story

It all started in 2016 when our two founders, Nico and Goran, met. Nico – medical massage therapist with ten years of experience and at that time a naturopath TEN with a focus on psychosomatics in training. Goran – with back then over 20 years of professional and international experience, among that in building spas and taking care of their quality, management and training.

After Origin Massage was founded in May 2019, everything happened very quickly: What began with two locations in Seefeld and Altstetten and seven employees has developed into 19 locations and over 60 therapists within just four years. Today we reach almost 12000 users per month on our website and welcome around 350+ new customers monthly.

We pursue the goal to match therapists and customers the best way possible so that both find “the perfect match”. A clear profile on a structured website is just the beginning. We are working hard to develop a tool that enables customers to find the right therapist for their requirements with just a few questions. 

The most important thing for us is that everyone can practice their passion – everyone should do what they love. And that’s exactly why we decided to develop Origin Solution. We want to build a system with partners who share our core values.

Along the way, we have put together a strong team. We owe the extremely strong growth of the Origin massage website to our SEO expert Andreas Karle: Every month we can welcome up to 8000 users on our website. We have also expanded the Origin family in all other areas: Annalena and Caro are responsible for marketing, and Phillip for our back office. New to the team is Christina, who ensures the satisfaction of our customers through regular quality calls. 

We are very proud to have grown so much within this short time and to have built such a great team of lovely people.

Individuality, quality, and passion are very important to us. Our vision is to become a Switzerland-wide massage brand that is known for exactly these values. You can read more about our values here: About us


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Our requirement of you

Our requirement to ourselves is to build a quality network, with therapists who do their work with heart & passion.
Thus, what we expect of you is that you do your work with passion, that you love treating your clients, and that you are keen on constantly developing yourself as a therapist.

Additionally, you fulfill the following criteria:

You are recognised by the supplementary insurances. Helsana & Swica must be included in your EMR recognition.

You need to work a minimum of 80% or 34 hours per week so that our customers have enough opportunities to book an appointment with you. You can split this requirement with other therapists.

Your practice needs to be in alignment with professional standards and must not be within your own home.

You value & practice honest and open communication.

Our offer to you

Origin solution is an offer for self-employed therapists (or those who would like to become self-employed) which includes marketing, in-house trainings, and support in one’s individual professional development.

Marketing & Website

A professionally designed website profile.

This includes a professional photo and a bio that highlights your strengths and philosophy as a therapist.

Your practice sub-page

We will create a sub-page for your practice. Location Sub-Page Example

Booking system OneDoc

You will receive your own online booking system „OneDoc“. Clients will be able to book appointments through this system and you can invoice them easily through the system. You can use OneDoc as well for your non-Origin clients but if you wish to.

Google 100% Visibility

We will Google optimise you practice sub-page. As a result, it will rank among the top 3 Google Search options.

We will create a Google Maps entry.

We will set up a Google Ads campagne.

We will send emails to your clients, to collect Google reviews important for your Google Ranking.

Support & Network

We have tried many different things and gained lots of experience throughout the years and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We are there to support you in all questions you might have regarding your self-employment. This includes therapeutic as well as business questions. You can use all our resources. For example:

questions regarding insurance

what CPD to choose

what equipment & materials we are using in our own practices, e.g. what massage bed we recommend

what things to consider in accounting


In case you need support in matters of website design, or SEO for your own website, we can recommend great service providers who we collaborate with ourselves.

Professional development with our expert Goran

Goran Zivic

Goran Zivic

Physiotherapeut mit über 25 Jahren Berufserfahrung

  • Anamnesegespräch
  • Den richtigen Therapieansatz für jedes Problem finden
  • Faszien-, Trigger Punkt-, Deep Tissue-, Klassische Massage, und mehr

How do I become an Origin Partner?

It all starts with a conversation...

Firstly, you will have a talk with Goran and Nico. This is your opportunity to ask questions and both parties can see whether they perceive the collaboration as win-win.


Given both parties are excited and agree to work together, Phillip will send you a contract.

After having signed the contract...

Now you will get to know the different members of the back office: your new team.

We will set up your Origin profile.


  • Annalena is going to interview you to write your personalised website bio.
  • Janek, our photographer, is going to take a professional head shot of you.
  • OneDoc: We are going to set up your independent online booking system „OneDoc“ and explain it to you.
  • We will set up your own Origin email address.
  • We will register your business on Google and set up Google Adwords.
  • Our SEO expert will optimise our website for your location.
  • We will bill the commission on a monthly basis.


  • You will be trained by Goran, our specialist with more than 25 years of therapeutic experience.
  • You can attend the Origin Coaching Skills Training.

Meet the team



Co-Owner and Business Development



Co-Owner and Head of Training at Origin



Back Office, Admin Support



Marketing managerin



Marketing mangerin




New customer per month

Seefeld Hoeschgasse

Number of therapists: 17

Workload: 100%

New customers per month: 95


Number of therapists: 8

Workload: 100%

New customers per month: 31

Bahnhof Enge

Number of therapists: 7

Workload: 100%

New customers per month: 66


Number of therapists: 7

Workload: 100%

New customers per month: 70


Number of therapists: 3

Workload: 100%

New customers per month: 16


Number of therapists: 3

Workload: 60%

New customers per month: 15


Number of therapists: 2

Workload: 80%

New customers per month: 8

Oerlikon 301

Number of therapists: 2

Workload: 80%

New customers per month: 15


Number of therapists: 1

Workload: 50%

New customers per month: 11


Number of therapists: 1

Workload: 80%

New customers per month: 9