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Origin’s foundation is based on quality and professionality and connects these with passion and humanity.


Origin creates a diverse network of therapists, doctors, and other individuals with


Through sharing resources (marketing, administration, back office, material) with other, we save

The Perfect Match

The search for the perfect therapist is just like the search for the perfect relationship.


The more you integrate yourself into the system, be it in form of knowledge or shared help, the more you are going to profit from it.

  • You will get a professionally designed profile on our website.That means professional headshots, and a personalised text that displays your strengths.
  • You will get access to our booking system “OneDoc” for your own and your Origin clients.
  • We send mails to your clients to collect important Google reviews to continuously optimise your profile .
  • We offer you training, CPD, and coaching sessions from experienced therapists such as Goran, Laura, Andrea, Christine and many more.
  • We are at your service for all questions about your self-employment. That accounts for therapeutic or business questions. You can have access to all our resources, e.g., you can ask our professional liability insurance about your inquiries.
  • We have the best service providers working on your success in our network. The Origin network programmers, SEO experts, graphic designers, and writers offer you the highest levels of professionalism, creativity, and kindness.
  • Grow & develop! You want to offer a new therapy method? Provide training to other therapists? Grow a Youtube channel? No matter what idea you have: We will support you in growing your success with our diverse resources, our experience, and our passion.
  • At Origin you will make new friendships and gain important contacts


You only pay when you get a client

When a client comes to you for the first time through Origin, we will charge 50% of the treatment price. For all other treatments, you pay a commission of 5%.


0% Your own clients

For your own clients and those clients, you recruit yourself, you do not pay any commission. You can use OneDoc for your own clients as well.

Cancellation Policy
Can be canceled monthly.

No fees apply when you terminate the contract. All customers can be kept free of charge.

One time investment of 500 CHF, after that no more fixed costs

  • Professional photoshoot of you and your practice
  • Profile text and text for your methods that are not displayed on our website yet.
  • 8 one-hour 1-2-1 training sessions with Goran Zivic.
  • Website optimisation for your location/city, Google ads.
  • Set up and creation of your OneDoc booking system.
  • Your profile text and your pictures belong to you and you can use them for your own purpose


We set up your new origin profile
  1. Laura is going to interview you to write your personalised profile text. In case you are offering treatment methods that are not yet displayed on our website, we will write a new text and add it to the website.
  2. You get a professional photoshoot by our photographer Janek of you and your practice
  3. OneDoc: We set up your OneDoc account and explain to you how the booking system works.
  4. We set up your personalised Origin E-Mail address.

6. We register your Google business.
7. You get to know our back office team – your new team!
8. We set up Google Adwords.
9. We optimise our website for your location with or SEO expert Andreas.
10. The commission will be charged monthly.



Nico: Conceptional work, first contact for ideas and innovation.

Phillip: First contact changes on OneDoc. Responsible for phone requests of all kinds.


Laura: First contact for the creation of content for the website, or for changes of current website content

Annalena: Public Relations. Instagram, Newsletter, Google Reviews. Annalena is responsible for the very important Google reviews. She is going to send the review requests to clients on your behalf.

Nora: Graphic design. Whatever you need to find new clients: business cards, flyers, or other designs. Nora will create it for you.


At Origin, you benefit from our strong network. Our head of training Goran trains all therapists internally and offers regular CPD. This training is EMR accredited. Additionally, we offer you different ways for development: From 1-2-1 conversations to coachings to group workshops & talks – everything is possible.

Goran: Manual therapy, special focus on fascia and musculoskeletal problems, 20+ years of experience.

Laura: Humanistic Coach with a MSc degree(Positive Psychologie & Coaching Psychologie), for your personal and professional development as a therapist, for soft skills, or problems with clients

Andrea: Naturopath TEN

Christine: Author, TCM doctor, mystic. Body Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, 35+ experience as an interdisciplinary healer. Christine Li is a best-selling author, with books such as “The Path of the Empress”.  Ä

Lynn: Lynn is a physiotherapist with a special focus on manual therapy. In the past 10 years, she has worked with people from Cross Fit and she is specifically trained in neuroathletics.


  • Accepted by insurances. Except for methods that can’t be registered with the EMR.
  • You have to be able to work at least 80% or 34 hours per week must be offered so that our customers have enough opportunities to get an appointment. The workload can also be shared between several therapists.
  • Your practice needs to align with Origin’s professional quality standards and cannot be located in your own apartment.

  • You work in alignment with our philosophy and quality standards.


  1. Quality and Professionalism are our foundation
  2. Service-oriented. Our clients deserve the best treatment possible. When we realise we are not the optimal person to help the client, we refer them to another therapist within the Origin network, or to someone external if we do not have the right fit.
  3. Honesty and openness. Nobody is perfect and life often does not go to plan. In case you need help or have questions – we will be there for you!
  1. Exchanges and shared learnings. We want to continuously improve our quality. Therefore, we offer Origin internal trainings and coachings. Additionally, all of our therapists are willing to meet other therapists from the network for an exchange. Everything without pressure and duty.
  2. Shared growth. Only when you earn money, we earn money too. We are interested in our shared success.
  3. Humanity: Our clients can cancel their appointments free of charge until 24 hours before the treatment in case of sickness, accidents, or family emergencies.
  4. Quality control: Origin is allowed to get feedback from clients personally, via phone, or via email about your treatment. The feedback will always be shared with you.


Nora: Graphic design, Website, Logos, business cards.

David: Web development, Programmer.

Andi: SEO-Expert, Google Optimisation, Google Adwords, Google My Business Optimisation. Everything to rank at the top of Google Search.

Christine Li: Doctor, author, consultant for personal crises, problems with clients, or meta-physical questions. On request, she can also write individual blog or website articles.

R. Berli Treuhand AG: Accounting, Tax declaration, annual financial statements, legal consultations on tax declarations, or financial checks by authorities.


Multiple client complaints and no will by the therapist to improve or change. The upper management (at least 3 people) at Origin will discuss and decide whether the contract needs to be terminated.


  1. Someone at Origin will check whether you can deliver the treatment methods offered by you according to Origin standards. We will assess your theoretical knowledge and your practical application of the method.
  2. According to the agreement, specially briefed clients will test the methods you offer.
  3. The exact quality control procedure is still a work in progress. We are always open to your input.