Acupuncture massage and the spine-base-balance therapy according to Rolf Ott® (WBA®)

The acupuncture massage and the spine-base balance according to Rolf Ott® (WBA®) are a joined holistic and natural pain therapy concept from Switzerland. Our therapist Sebastian had the pleasure of learning this method personally from the founder Rolf Ott.

This therapy concept follows the assumption that over the years we acquire a bad posture through too much sitting, poor posture, and wrong or lack of movement. This poor posture can cause a wide variety of complaints as well as intervertebral disc problems and arthrosis. Additionally, the organs and the psyche of the human being can be negatively affected by it. The goal of the acupuncture massage and WBA according to Rolf Ott is to restore the natural and correct posture.


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45 Minuten: 115 CHF
60 Minuten: 144 CHF
75 Minuten: 172 CHF
90 Minuten: 205 CHF
120 Minuten: 270 CHF


Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


When can acupuncture massage and WBA help?

  • In case of incorrect posture of the body
  • Chronic pain
  • For joint pain and rheumatism
  • In case of pain of the head, neck, back, arms, hands, hips, knees, and feet
  • In case of muscle tension and hardening
  • In the case of whiplash, lumbago, and herniated disc

What happens during an acupuncture massage and WBA treatment?

Before an acupuncture and spine-base-balance therapy treatment, a detailed anamnesis is performed. This includes, among other things, tactile, visual, and functional findings. Based on the anamnesis, the treatment is individually tailored to the patient. Depending on the problem, different methods may be applied. In muscular imbalances, for example, active and passive movement, training, and stretching exercises are used. The skeleton is brought back to its natural and correct position by manual osteopathic techniques in case of deformities.

The meridians are treated through acupuncture massage, whereby energetic blockages that were caused by the incorrect posture are brought back into flow.

In addition, glued fascia is released by rhythmic vibration and movement techniques. In this way, important impulses are sent so that structures and organs regenerate and find their natural function and position again.

Through acupuncture massage and WBA, you can sustainably correct and harmonize movement sequences and balance the flow of energy.

The WBA Therapy Pillow

A central part of the WBA is the specially developed therapy pillow. This is used during a WBA and serves to place the client in such a way that they can be moved freely and as much as possible in complete relaxation. In addition, the position on the pillow allows vertebrae to be moved against each other, which causes relief of the intervertebral discs.

Duration & Booking

An acupuncture massage and WBA treatment at Origin Massage Zurich takes between 45 and 90 minutes.

Prices vary depending on the duration of treatment.

You can book appointments directly here on the website online as well as by phone at +41 76 764 02 26 or by email info@origin-massage.ch.