Pregnancy means an extraordinary stress for the body, which is accompanied by great changes. Pregnancy massage is a special form of massage, which is tailored to the needs of pregnant women.

Provided that the pregnancy proceeds without complications, nothing stands in the way of a pregnancy massage. The pressure applied during the treatment depends on the week of pregnancy. During the first three months, gentle pressure is used. After that, if desired, the pressure can be increased and in the last three months a normal treatment can take place.

Pregnancy massage not only provides mental and physical relaxation, but can also significantly relieve most pregnancy discomforts. These include, for example, back pain, tension and water retention. Let our experienced therapists pamper you at Origin and benefit from a soothing time-out for body and mind.


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Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


What are the effects of pregnancy massage?

The massage relieves or even dissolves tension in the shoulder, neck and back area. At the same time, the joints stressed by the additional weight are relieved. This can have the following effects:

Relief and solution of tensions
Relief of stressed joints
Reduction of headaches and sleep disorders
Reduction of stress and tension
Improvement of skin elasticity
Support of the body posture
improvement of blood circulation
Reduction of water retention
Pregnancy and childbirth are enormously challenging, both physically and mentally. A massage during this exciting time can help alleviate some of these stresses and provide more relaxation.

During pregnancy, the position of the pelvis changes and new structures develop in the interaction of muscles and statics. These changes can lead to blockages or congestion, which can be relieved by a targeted massage.

Massage with oil also improves skin elasticity and targeted massage of the legs can reduce existing water retention. The improved blood circulation after the massage can also help against headaches and sleep disorders.

We will be happy to advise you on your pregnancy massage.

When should pregnancy massage not be performed?

The safety and well-being of the pregnant woman is our top priority at Origin in Zurich. We therefore recommend ensuring that the expectant mother is healthy and feeling well before the pregnancy massage to avoid additional stress on the body. If there is any illness or discomfort, it is advisable to cure it first while resting.

During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, we do not recommend massage, as it can increase the risk of miscarriage during this phase. Therefore, we recommend refraining from massage during this sensitive phase.

Massage should be avoided in case of any disturbances during pregnancy. This applies, for example, to premature labor, placental disorders, growth disorders, varicose veins, diabetes or autoimmune diseases. In case of doubt, we recommend that you seek the advice of the gynecologist or midwife in charge before making an appointment with us in one of our practices in Zurich.

In general, therefore, pregnancy massage should be avoided in the following cases:

During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
Premature labor
Placental disorders
Growth disorders
Autoimmune diseases
Illnesses with fever or a cold

What is the procedure of a pregnancy massage at Origin Massage?

1. At the beginning of the treatment, your therapist will take a comprehensive medical history. All information that is important for the treatment of your problem will be collected. The anamnesis can take between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of your issue.
2. After the anamnesis the treatment begins. The therapist leaves the room briefly so that you can undisturbed undress the parts of your body that will be treated and settle on the massage table.
3. the therapist focuses on your problem and applies various techniques. During the treatment, you are in communication, for example, about whether the pressure is strong enough, whether the technique is causing pain, or whether the therapist is hitting the trigger points. Your therapist and you should work together as a team.
4. After the treatment, you discuss how many treatments it will take for your problem and make the next appointment.

Duration & booking

A pregnancy massage session at Origin Massage usually lasts between 45 and 75 minutes. It depends on your request how much time is needed. If you are unsure, contact us by phone +41 76 76402 26, or by email info@origin-massage.ch, we will be happy to advise you.

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