Classical Massage Chur

The classic massage helps you to relieve general muscle tension. These are often found in the shoulder or neck area, on the legs or in the back. The focus is also on relaxation, well-being and reducing stress. The classic massage also promotes blood circulation.

As the basis of most treatment methods, classic massage can be used on its own but also in combination with other methods – such as medical massage. (More information here: medical massage Chur). However, there are particular differences between these methods, as medical massage is much more concerned with specific health problems.

If you are unsure, simply choose the classic massage. At the beginning of each treatment, you will have an initial consultation with your therapist in order to find an individual solution for you.


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45 Minutes: 98 CHF
60 Minutes: 130 CHF
75 Minutes: 160 CHF
90 Minutes: 195 CHF


Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


What are the effects of classical massage?

A regular classic massage can have many positive effects on the body.

A massage offers a variety of benefits for body and mind. It increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate, relieves muscle tension and improves wound healing. At the same time, it relieves pain and reduces stress, which leads to mental relaxation. Massage also has a positive effect on the skin and connective tissue by relaxing and firming them. Overall, a massage is a holistic therapy that promotes general well-being.

Overall, classic massage is a popular and effective treatment method that can help with a variety of ailments and problems.

For what ailments can the classical massage help?

Classic massage is versatile and helps with a range of complaints such as muscle tension, back and neck pain, headaches and sports injuries. It also improves circulation, relaxes muscles, increases mobility and flexibility, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and discomfort and reduces stress and anxiety.

What is the process of a Classic Massage at Origin Chur?

The treatment begins with an anamnesis interview with your therapist to gather all relevant information about your state of health. This initial analysis takes between five and twenty minutes, depending on the specificity of your complaints.

Once the medical history has been taken, you will be alone in the room to undress in peace and prepare for the massage by lying down on the table.

The treatment is based on the methods discussed and your individual needs. Your therapist will use specific techniques to achieve optimal results and will communicate with you to ensure that you are comfortable, the pressure is appropriate and there is no pain.

At the end of the therapy session, you will discuss the number of follow-up treatments required to achieve a lasting improvement in your symptoms and you will set the date for the next session together.

What is the difference between a Classic Massage and a Medical Massage?

The techniques of classic massage can be used in a variety of ways. It is mainly used to relax, reduce stress and increase general well-being. The aim of a classic massage is to relieve general tension. In a medical massage, classic massage techniques are only used if they are considered effective in solving the problem. It is mainly used to resolve health complaints.

Duration & booking

A classic massage at Origin Massage Chur usually takes between 45 and 75 minutes. How much time is needed depends on your request. If you are unsure, please contact us by phone on +41 (0) 44 500 02 53 or by e-mail info@origin-massage.ch, we will be happy to advise you.


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