Simone Cervoni: Location Management and therapist Origin Massage Chur

Since the first time I rode the RHB through the freshly snow-covered, glittering Grisons, my heart has fallen in shock love with nature!

Chur inspired me immediately

Ever since I first rode the RHB through the freshly snow-covered, glittering Garisons, my heart has fallen in love with nature. Snow sports have always accompanied me and thus changed my life in the city. As a snowboard instructor, I discovered my love for guiding people through challenging situations. Everyone is at a different point, has different needs and expectations. Explaining these, breaking down big plans, implementing them, and then celebrating successes – that’s what inspired me. Here, it didn’t matter to me whether the goal was to master the first slope alone as a beginner or to rock the snow park.

My love for nature and man

This joy in dealing with people, combined with my curiosity for medicine and naturopathy, was probably the only thing that voluntarily brought me down from the mountain and into a classroom. Training to become a naturopath is lengthy, challenging and, let’s face it, expensive. It takes will, love of the profession and dedication. Now, as a snowboard instructor, I only work privately from time to time or enjoy time by myself on my board. As an alternative practitioner I now feel I have arrived at my calling. Today I teach my clients how to get out of their sometimes years-long dead ends. I help them to fulfill their heart’s desires and sometimes a new life is born. The successes of my clients fill me with joy, gratitude and love, which is why I became a naturopath.

How I came to Origin Massage

I have been working with Origin Massage since 2022. After at first skeptical sniffing, I decided to open a new location in Zurich-Wiedikon. Origin Massage offers an incredibly wide range to grow. In addition to the wide range, Origin Massage offers above all individual and professional training. Constantly improving, enjoying receiving feedback from clients and the desire to give each and every contributor at Origin the opportunities to grow has made me a grateful and proud part of the Origin Massage team. I am now looking forward to realizing my heart’s project in Chur and with Origin Massage.

Why a new Origin Massage location in Chur?

Although I spend more time in the mountains, Chur has become more and more a place I enjoy coming to in recent years. In addition to a lot of history, the city offers a fulfilling number of sporting activities. From winter sports on the doorstep to climbing and skating. In addition, Chur manages to have an innovative and fresh wind with a wide range of cultural events. I am happy to be part of a photography club in the city of Chur and to contribute my share to the culture in Chur. I like to drink a glass of wine in the old town and every now and then I try my hand in the skate park. Opening the practice in Chur makes the city a home for me, and I look forward to getting to know you, the residents. The practice is located in the same building as the historic Café Maron on Bahnhofplatz in Chur. After 30 years of Dr. Weibel’s practice in these premises, it is an honor for me to take over these practice premises. I look forward to creating a place of well-being together with my team – a place where you can recharge your batteries, find a sympathetic ear for your health issues and receive the guidance to achieve your heart’s desire.