In our holistic massage treatments, the treatment addresses all levels: body, mind, and soul. The holistic massage at Origin differs from therapist to therapist, depending on their professional background.

The goal of holistic massage is to treat your problem holistically – on the physical, mental, and energetic level.


Our therapists are unique… and so are their ways of treatment. Since most of our therapists who offer holistic massage have learned different techniques and approaches, it is difficult to define a standard approach for all holistic treatments. Thus, we have asked each of our therapists to explain their approach to holistic massage. That way you can find the therapist whose approach resonates the most with you.

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How do you personally define holistic massage therapy?

Holistic massage therapy starts where the treatment is not solely about muscular tensions anymore. It starts where headaches, back pain, or digestion problems have a deeper root cause which is connected to the person’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.


Holistic Massage is for those individuals who are looking for more than just a manual massage. My holistic approach is a combination of energetic and manual techniques, which can help my clients to root themselves and which can increase their wellbeing. It’s about gaining stability in life, finding back to one’s true self, and finding access to one’s inner resources.

The holistic massage increases self-awareness: What are my needs? What do I need at this very moment? What is currently missing in my life?


I am grateful to have guided many individuals through difficult times: through life crises, through periods of transformational and professional changes, through processes of personal growth, or through grieving processes, for example, due to the loss of a loved one.

What is the procedure of your holistic massage therapy?

We start with a detailed introductory conversation
A holistic massage usually takes 90 minutes. We start our first appointment with a detailed conversation, which can take up to 20 minutes. We discuss your current life circumstances. How much sleep do you get? What’s your diet like? How is your digestion? Are you exercising regularly? And if yes, what type of exercise? What are your levels of stress and what does your work-life balance look like?
I will also ask you what is on your mind currently. Is there anything you are working on at the moment? Through this conversation, I want to find out what you currently need, what you expect from the treatment, and what you want to achieve through it.


What comes next…

I often start holistic treatments with breathing exercises. This can help you to arrive in the here and now.

Next, I will go into first contact with you. With my hands I will feel your meridians and chakra and usually my intuition will guide me fast towards a certain part of your body. This usually indicates a blockage in that area and I will start working there.

I intuitively combine different techniques, e.g. from Shiatsu, classical massage, or fascia therapy. Potentially I also open chakras or release blockages. When blockages are released and strong emotions arise, I am there, with you, and we give these emotions the space to be and heal. Everything is allowed to be.


At the end of the treatment…
I finish my treatments by guiding the energy where you need it. In the end you always have 5 minutes just to rest, for you to fully feel the effects of the treatment. I leave the room and you can be all by yourself. Afterwards we are going to have a 10-minute long conversation: How did you do during the treatment? How are you feeling now?

Together we decide when it is time for your next treatment. We either make an appointment right away or you first go home, feel the aftereffects of the treatment, and you book the next appointment when it feels right for you.

I often also give you some small advice on what can help you with your situation. These tips can be about your diet, your lifestyle, or they can be quite specific recommendations such as teas or aroma oils.

How many treatments does it usually take?

This depends on your needs and desired outcome. If a client wants to work on an acute problem, then this person receives 4-5 treatments within 2 months.

I also have clients who have been coming regularly since 1 ½ years because they simply enjoy the deep effects of the holistic massage. The treatments help them to get into contact with themselves and to take time for themselves. They are a platform to foster the connection to themselves.