Deep Tissue Massage in Zürich

A deep massage is a massage in which firmer pressure is applied than in the classical massage or the wellness massage. The purpose of this type of massage is to loosen deeper tissue layers that have become stuck or hardened. The increased pressure can loosen blockages in these body layers in the muscles and fasciae.


45 minutes: 115 CHF
60 minutes: 135 CHF
75 minutes: 162 CHF
90 minutes: 192 CHF


Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


How does it work?

At the beginning, the body is massaged with lighter pressure to warm up muscles, tissues, tendons, and tissues and prepare for the deeper, tighter massage. In the course of the massage you will go to deeper and deeper grips with higher pressure. This can lead to pain. If the pain should become too strong, the pressure can be adjusted in mutual consultation.

What problems does it help with?

When should I not use them?

  • for blood clots
  • before an op
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bruising, inflammation, infected skin, skin rashes, open wounds
  • for tumours
  • breakable bones
  • fresh fractures
  • Pregnancy

Do not use a deep massage for blood clots or a tendency to blood clots, as these could be removed by the massage. Furthermore, the massage is not recommended if you are about to undergo surgery or other medical procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation. Massage should also be avoided in cases of osteoporosis, fragile bones or pregnancy due to the high pressure. The same applies to bruises, inflammations, infected skin, skin rashes, open wounds, tumours or areas where you have recently contracted a fracture. Again, high pressure is more damaging than helpful.