Pregnancy massage in Zurich

Pregnancy is an exceptional state for the body, which is accompanied by great changes and efforts. Pregnancy massage is a form of massage that is specially designed to meet the needs of pregnant women.

Provided that the pregnancy proceeds without complications, nothing stands in the way of getting a pregnancy massage. The pressure applied during the treatment is based on the week of pregnancy. During the first 3 months only very light pressure can be applied. After that, the pressure can be increased on request and in the last 3 months a completely normal treatment can take place.

Pregnancy massage is not recommended or should be discussed with the doctor or midwife:

  • in pregnancies with complications
  • within the first 12 weeks


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45 minutes: 115 CHF
60 minutes: 135 CHF
75 minutes: 162 CHF
90 minutes: 192 CHF


Costs covered by health insurance 50%-90%.

No prescription from a doctor is necessary.

Most supplementary insurances cover the costs of a massage. Go to our health insurance page, select your supplementary insurance and see what therapists are recognised with your insurance.


Is it suitable for every pregnant woman?

Pregnancy is a state of emergency for the body that is accompanied by major changes and exertion. A pregnancy massage is a form of massage that is specially designed to meet the needs of pregnant women. In addition to the mental and physical relaxation it provides, it can also significantly alleviate most pregnancy complaints.

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