Sibylle Aeberli

Certified professional masseuse & Certified foot reflexology therapist

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ZSR-Number: N021462

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When I see that my clients leave relaxed and with a good feeling after a massage, it fills me with joy. Supporting them sensitively is a great passion in my life as a therapist.


German, English



Very light to Strong


  • Medical Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Classical massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Manual pain therapy
  • Scar treatment
  • Prenatal Metamorphosis
  • Chakra-Energy Foot Massage
  • Cupping Massage
  • Foot reflex therapy
  • Meridian massage
  • Reflective lymphatic treatment and meridians on the feet
  • Siniging bowl


After starting out as a nutritionist, I embarked on the exciting path that I now follow as a therapist.

I recognized the importance of looking at people as a whole. It fascinated me to realize that there is nothing separate. Our body is in constant exchange with thoughts, feelings and physical activities. The resonance of the laws – everything is connected to everything else – led me to classical massage, foot reflexology and singing bowl therapy. My skills, which have developed through my experiences, are the intuitive way of thinking and working to find out what is important for the client in his or her current situation.



since 2024: Certified professional masseuse and certified foot reflexology therapist, Origin Massage
2019 - 2023: Activity in private practice
2017-2019: Singing bowl massage therapy I-III, Damascena
2016: Bach-Blütentherapie, Phytomed
2015: Sound - Massage, Peter Hess Academy
2014: Migraine, neck pain, Mahab
2014: Manual pain therapy MST II, Bodyfeet
2013: Manual pain therapy MST I, Bodyfeet
2012: Sound work with tuning forks, Mahab
2012: Matrix - Massage, Mahab
2011: Manual lymphatic drainage
2011: Quantum Psychology, Tao Chi School
2010: Dorn method according to Dieter Dorn, Mahab
2010: LOMI massage on the back, Mahab
2010: Drainage procedure cupping, Mahab
2009-2018: Health Center Santemed/Medbase
2009: Massage Energy Therapy, Mahab
2009: Foot therapy TCM, HPS Heilpraktiker Schule Luzern
2009: Breuss - mobilization of the spine, Bodyfeet
2008: Meridian massage, Belika
2008: Head massage, Belika
2008: Back and neck mass, Belika
2007-2009: Medbase, Zurich
2007: Pre-natal massage
2007: Foot reflexology and metamorphosis
2006: Aroma massage, Mahab Zurich
2006: Pathology I, Tao Chi School
2005: Further training - EFT Coach, APAmed Fachschule
2006: Dipl. foot reflexology massage, Tao Chi School
2004 - 2007: Certified professional masseuse
2003: Certified nutritionist, ZEM