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Dani Brunner

Personal Trainer

My PT style: Motivational and full of positive energy

Dani's training approach

I always work holistically with my clients and I combine the workouts with the latest scientific findings and my profound experience from the past years. Private sessions are being specifically planned ahead and then put into action. We do not use weights because we increase the level of the different exercises solely through a shift in the leverage. Exercises are being conducted in a creative and often new way that has not yet been seen before. For six years I have been working on creating new exercises that increase the efficiency of the exercises even further. Let yourself be surprised and get to know the PT concept of D-Urban Training.

When & Where

The training sessions take place wherever the client wants. From experience, there are many locations in and around Zurich that are perfectly suitable for outdoor training sessions, also with rainy weather. The date for the session will be agreed upon together. Basically, we train outside, in wind and weather. Because: There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

I prefer training in the fresh air because in my opinion it only has benefits. These include the strengthening of the immune system, increased stress reduction by nature, the training sessions are more varied and you experience the seasons much more consciously. In addition, sun, oxygen, bird sounds, water, and greenery have a positive effect on our well-being and mood.


PT sessions usually take 60-70 minutes.
Single session: CHF 130.-
1x monthly: CHF 120.-
Up to 4x monthly: 110.-
Multiple sessions per week: 100.-

I combine the following tools and techniques:

We work with the resources that the city, the village, or simply the site/the public provides us. There are a number of tools that are used in training such as rings, TRX systems, tapes, wooden rods, bars, etc.


The training will be tailored to the goals of the person, varied, and professionally designed. We increase strength, endurance, and agility where the client wants it (target agreement). My job as a PT is to push clients out of their comfort zone through lots of motivation and support. Because new plants only grow outside the comfort zone – keyword: efficiency.