Ivo Kaufmann

Med. Masseur EFA

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It is important to me to work meaningfully and from the heart. I want to create a space from peace and stillness in which self-healing can take place.


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Marcus H., 20.01.2024 | Source: Google Bewertungen

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Seit Jahren bei Ivo! Einfach top :)

Marcus H.



  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Classical massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage


Working from peace and stillness

It is important to me to work meaningfully and from the heart. I want to create a space from peace and stillness in which self-healing can take place. As a therapist, I only give an impulse for the development of these inherent self-healing powers.

Experience, intuition, knowledge

I have been practicing my profession for more than 25 years now. Through these many years of experience, I usually can sense what my counterpart needs at the very moment. I use various techniques from medical massage, integrative bodywork, and ortho-bionomy. However, I do not work according to a strict pattern, but my treatments are created through the encounter between you and me.



Since February 2022: Medical Masseur at Origin Massage Zurich - Lindenstrasse
2019: CPD in Ortho-Bionomy NRT, Pelvis / legs, VDMS, Aarau
2018: CPD Ortho-Bionomy NRT, Peripheral nervous system, VDMS, Aarau
Since 2017: Training in Ortho-Bionomy, German Institute for Ortho-Bionomy, Rottenburg
2016: Belly button scar removal, Oexle‘s Health School, Schlieren
2016: Dynamic Spine Therapy Osteobalance I, Bodyfeet, Aarau
2015: Federal Certificate of Competence Med. Masseur FAE
2015: Intuitive fascia massage, Bodyfeet, Rapperswil
2015: Fascia and shoulder, VDMS, Aarau
2014: Reflexology Module 4, Oexle's Health College, Schlieren
2014: Ortho-Bionomy Selfcare, VDMS, Aarau
2013: Fascia Balance II/III, Oexle's Health College, Schlieren
2013: Basic training in mobilization, Swiss Wellness Academy, Burgdorf
2012: Fascia Balance I, Oexle's Gesundheitsfachschule, Schlieren
2011: Cupping III, Oexle's Health School, Schlieren
2011: Ear reflexology, Oexle's health school, Schlieren
2011: Kinesio Tape l/II, Bodyfeet, Aarau
2010: "Settling in instead of settling out", Oexle's health school, Schlieren
2008-1009: Cupping I/II, Oexle's Gesundheitsfachschule, Schlieren
2005-2006: Essence Bodywork, Raaji Dessena, Zürich
2003-2007: Various courses in body-oriented psychotherapy, Rainer Wiest, Freiburg (D)
2003: Cranio Basic Course, Upledger Institute Switzerland, Losone
2001 - 2002: Qualification Med. Masseur FA SRK
2000 - 2002: Integrative body work and body work in water (IKA/KIW), Denise Weyermann, Bern
Since 1998: Self-employed medical masseur with a practice
1997 - 1999: Reflexology after Hanne Marquart, Anna Maria Eichmann, Zunzgen
1997: Manipulative massage I/Il according to Dr. Terrier, Földischule, Merzhausen (D)
1997: Miofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Britta Gimmi, Wattwil
1996-2001: Various courses and collaboration, IGBM Interessengemeinschaft professional masseurs, Dielsdorf
1996: Complex decongestion therapy, Institut Dr. Földi, Merzhausen, Germany
1998 - 2001: Medical masseur Practice Dr. G. Sandel, Zurich
1995 - 1997: Medical Masseur Balgrist, Orthopaedic University Clinic, Zurich
1994 - 1995: Medical masseur Praxis Dr. J. Schwalder, Zurich
1993 - 1994: Medical masseur Nova Fitnessclub, Zurich
1993 - 1994: Medical masseur "Sauna at the Schanzengraben", Zurich
1993 - 1994: Med. Masseur, Massein, Zurich