What you can do after treatment in Chur

A massage always means taking time out. This means taking it easy before and after the treatment, putting stress aside and fully engaging in the massage experience. Put your cell phone aside shortly beforehand and allow yourself to calm down. In this way, you can prepare yourself and your body for your upcoming time-out.

Relaxation is the key

But just as after a massage, you should not put your body through any stress. After a treatment, we recommend that you enjoy the relaxation! Intensive activities such as sports or physical work should be avoided to give your body some rest. Just enjoy the complete state of relaxation before you rush back into your daily routine. The Origin Massage location in Chur offers you a wonderful location for this! Here you have the opportunity, even in the middle of a city, to find peace and relaxation to enjoy your massage sustainably.

Origin Massage in Chur

Not a kilometer from the old town of Chur is the new Origin Massage location, which will open in May 2023. Chur is not only the oldest city in Switzerland, but also offers historical sights and a fascinating old town! It’s definitely worth taking a walk through the cute alleys and stopping by cozy places like cafes or restaurants to grab a coffee. Here you will definitely find a place to rest after your treatment. Since the old town is car-free, you can look forward to a traffic-calmed environment.

Chur's beautiful parks and gardens

Walk in the greenery Of course, Chur also offers plenty of green spaces to visit. Besides the possibility for a picnic or a coffee on a nice meadow, you can also visit the nearby Fontanapark in Chur to see the beautiful flora and fauna on site. You will definitely not lack beautiful walking routes after your massage.

Diversified city with natural flair

The capital of Graubünden is also the hub of the world-famous Bernina and Glacier Express tourist railroads, which run all the way to Italy. Thus, Chur is an ideal starting point for beautiful panoramic train rides. In addition to the pleasant Mediterranean climate and the multilingualism of the mountainous canton, Chur also offers a great cultural program.

For example, the city hosts the Kulturforum Würth Chur, which regularly shows changing art exhibitions. The Theater Chur, the oldest professional municipal theater in Switzerland, also offers a wide range of events. For those interested in history, there is the Rhaetian Museum, which presents the history of the region in an impressive way.

In addition to the cultural offerings, Chur also has a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights. The cuisine of the Grisons is known for its hearty dishes such as capuns, pizokel or barley soup. A glass of wine from the region, such as a Pinot Noir or a Completer, is an excellent accompaniment.

For nature lovers, there are many opportunities for hiking, biking or skiing in the area around Chur. The nearby Flimserwald forest, for example, offers a vast network of hiking trails, and the Flims-Laax-Falera ski area is also just a short drive away.

Overall, Chur is a fascinating city that has many facets to offer. Whether it’s relaxation with a massage, a stroll through the old town, cultural events or activities in nature – everyone gets their money’s worth here.