What massage helps with strong tension?

Tension is a common problem that affects many people. When muscles are overly stressed, such as by poor posture or overuse, they can harden and form knots that cause pain. These can lead to neck pain, headaches, or other ailments such as back pain. One effective way to treat and relieve these is with massage. This article looks at which massage is most effective for severe tension.

What are the causes of tension?

Tension can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, if you suffer greatly from professional or personal stress, they can be caused more. But also incorrect postures of the body or a lack of blood flow to the muscles can contribute to this. Likewise, overloading the muscles through too much exercise, such as sports or physical work can be a factor. But the opposite, a lack of physical activity, can also contribute. Lastly, injuries or accidents can also play a role when muscles become tense. If tension is not treated, sufferers can potentially suffer from chronic pain and other problems in the long term.

Can tension be "massaged away" by massage?

A frequently asked question is whether tension can simply be massaged away. Massage involves the use of various massage grips and techniques to ease discomfort and relieve pain. In order to relieve tension and prevent muscle pain in the long run, the most important thing is to go for regular treatment. Tension is caused by hardening and knots in the muscles, which can be released by massages. Furthermore, massages promote blood circulation in the muscles.

How often to go to the massage?

How often you should go for a massage depends on the severity of your symptoms. If you are suffering from severe pain, it may be necessary to go for treatment once a week or even more often until the tension is relieved. If the tension is less severe, you may be able to go for a massage every two to three weeks. Ideally, you will discuss with your therapist how often it is necessary to come in for treatment to get the best possible results.

What massage for severe tension in the neck?

First and foremost, medical massage is the ideal form of treatment to relieve physical discomfort. In contrast to the wellness massage, the pure relaxation factor does not play a role here, since the goal is really the elimination of pain. At the beginning of a medical massage, a comprehensive anamnesis, with the aim of identifying the problem exactly, is usually carried out. On the basis of the anamnesis, different techniques are then combined, which are considered to be the most effective for the problem. These techniques are, for example, classical massage, fascia therapy, deep tissue, or trigger point massage.

A massage that is particularly suitable for the treatment of neck tension is the classical massage. In this technique, massage therapists knead and stroke the muscles to relieve tension and thus muscle pain. The masseur or masseuse may also apply targeted pressure to specific points to relax the muscles. Classical massage can be used on its own at Origin Massage, or it can be combined with other forms of treatment.

Another effective massage for neck tension is trigger point massage. This massage involves applying targeted pressure to specific knots or trigger points in the muscles to release them. Trigger points are small cramps of the muscle, which can be felt by hand mainly as knots or small balls. When a muscle is tensed, it can tighten down to the fiber level. While it normally releases and relaxes on its own, it behaves in the opposite way when it is tense: then the sacralere, the smallest muscle fiber areas, remain hard. This pain can also affect other regions of the body. For example, a pain in the back may have its origin in the abdominal muscles.

Besides classical and trigger point massage, there are other massage techniques that can help with discomfort. One of them is shiatsu massage. This Japanese massage technique focuses on stimulating specific points in the body to release energy blockages and improve blood circulation. The technique can be very effective in relieving pain in the neck or shoulders. Shiatsu involves working with energy pathways called meridians. The goal is to bring the energy back to its original and perfect flow, thus releasing physical and psychological blockages and treating physical ailments.

Another helpful technique that can help with pain in the neck, back or even other muscle areas is Thai massage. This massage technique combines gentle stretches and acupressure to relieve tension and promote circulation. Thai massage can also help increase muscle flexibility.

If you are not sure which technique is ideal for you, you can simply book the classic massage. In a preliminary consultation you will discuss with your therapist what the goal should be and how the cause of your pain can best be eliminated.

In any case, it is advisable to stretch the body sufficiently. Rotation of the muscles is generally useful to prevent tension.