The ideal Match: Yoga and Massage

You can literally feel the mutual affection and sense how fruitful it could be or will be. We are talking about a couple of which each part independently has its own role in life.

We treat ourselves to massages and enjoy physical touch and meditative movement in different phases of our lives. This can be to release tension, to recover from difficult situations in life or to keep the muscles supple as a preventive measure. We lie down and let the therapist work for us. Sometimes we participate a little or loosen our muscles by offering as little resistance as possible, yet we remain mostly passive.

In yoga, we ourselves actively work with our body and are sensitized, mindful and mindful through this work. Understanding the language of the body becomes a matter of course for us because body, mind, and soul are one.

We always have the choice: Do we give ourselves into someone else’s hands or do we become physically active?

Energy flows

After yoga classes, we feel our body: the stretched and warm muscles, the fine, unagitated and clear attention to what is going on within our own body. Being. Being here. Feeling oneself. Sometimes it hurts. The depth of our breath depends on the pain present. A cool or insufficiently warmed musculature can be just as painful as internal psychological resistance. Because we cannot always solve this resistance immediately if too much fear is associated with it. We don’t always know what awaits us deep inside.

Yoga allows us to better perceive our body and our emotions. Massage can have exactly the same effect.

Prepared and mindful

Now imagine going straight into a massage treatment after an intensive yoga lesson, with warmed, stretched muscles and an inner mindfulness that was only partially noticeable before the session. All your attention is already focused on your body, you feel warmed up and collected, but also most intensely challenged, because yoga does not just pass us by.
To be able to go one step deeper now means that after and/or before yoga we give ourselves into hands that know how to treat our muscles, our ligaments, and our tendons. To leave oneself to the experienced hands of a masseuse/masseur after a yoga lesson means to consciously enjoy or fertilize this new body awareness. The muscles are already warm, and we have an increased willingness to let go and surrender, which is a natural reflex after great effort. This makes the work of the therapist much easier and increases the possibility of relieving tension that was previously harder to treat.

Due to the warmed muscles, your therapist can go even deeper.


The reverse is also true. If our muscles are massaged before yoga (the massage makes the blood flow better, which in turn generates heat and expands veins and muscles), they relax and therefore become more elastic. This benefits the various yoga postures and exercises. The elasticity is increased many times, which gives the breath the opportunity to go deeper. More oxygen is being transported and reaches tissue, which is now further supplied with blood. Poignant and comprehensible conclusion: a mutually highly fertilizing couple, yoga and massage. Massage and yoga. If we opt for this stimulating and substantial combination, in whatever direction, we strengthen the self-healing powers in us many times over. Wonderful, isn’t it?