A stressful everyday life, difficulties in private or professional life, back pain, restless nights and Co. lead to the fact that our body tenses up.To take the inner pressure, massages can work wonders.

Massages were already popular in the times of the ancient Romans and are then as now one of the best pampering programs. What types of massages are there, what are they good for and for whom is a massage suitable? This is revealed in the following article, which gives you 10 good reasons for a massage.

The following table of contents will give you an overview of the following article.


During a massage, individual parts of the body are massaged by a professionally trained person. Essential oils are used, which promote blood circulation and make the massage more pleasant.

There are countless types of massages that have one thing in common: The well-being of the person being massaged is increased. In most massage techniques, only the hands of the masseur are used. With others come

  • hot stones (hot stone massage)
  • singing bowls
  • other parts of the body such as the masseur’s feet, etc.
  • etc.

are used. The classical massage is mainly influenced by the Swede Henri Peter Ling around the end of the century. That is why it is called “Swedish massage”. The techniques used are

  • Stroking
  • kneading
  • rubbing
  • tapping and clapping

are applied. While Western massages are intended to evoke a physical response, Asian massages such as traditional Thai massage, Japanese shiatsu massage, Ayurvedic massage originating from India, or East Asian Pantai Luar massage focus around the inner state of mind and the balance of energies.


A massage is good for everyone: from young to old, everyone enjoys the soft touches, the calm and the relaxation that comes. Especially athletes are happy about a massage after a strenuous workout, which can prevent sore muscles.

Pregnant women should hold a massage under consultation with their doctor and/or midwife. Normally, massage during pregnancy that is without complications is safe. Massage can even be helpful if the expected delivery date has passed. Then a massage can be labor-promoting.
There are special massages for babies, which can also be accepted under consultation with the pediatrician.

If you suffer from certain symptoms, such as

  • Back pain
  • neck pain
  • migraine
  • etc.?

Then the right massage technique can help you.
What other benefits a massage has, show you the following 10 reasons for a massage.

A massage is basically good for everyone. However, during pregnancy it is important to make sure that the therapist knows what he or she is doing.



A massage is a benefit for body and mind. Are you suffering from enormous stress right now? In school, during training or studies, there can be phases that are grueling and nerve-racking. This is especially true during exam time. To reduce stress, a massage is very effective.

It will take your mind off things and help you get through the stressful time. Let yourself be enchanted by the soothing scents and soft movements. This will take you on a journey away from stress.

Not only can a massage be helpful to you during exam stress, but in any situation in life. Do you have a big project coming up at work that you are responsible for? Or …



… is there a big event in your private life that takes every free minute away from you? Planning a wedding, for example, can be very time-consuming and nerve-wracking. A suitable location has to be found, the dress, the rings, the flowers etc. have to be chosen and the invitation cards have to be sent out.

In this time, which can go on for several months, a massage is helpful. It takes away the inner pressure to do everything at the right time. For this reason, the closest friends and relatives like to surprise the bride or groom at the bachelor party with a visit to the massage center. Then everyone can enjoy a relaxing massage and avoid stress.

If you know you have a stressful time coming up, schedule one or more appointments for a massage. That way you have something positive to look forward to.

This is true not only when planning a wedding, but in all aspects of life. Do you have a stressful meeting coming up at the office, are you going on a class trip as a supervisor soon, or do you have other obligations that will be stressful for you? Then a massage appointment before, during or after the event is a good idea.



A massage stimulates blood circulation. This allows more oxygen to reach your body. The cardiovascular system is stimulated more and takes care of an increased oxygen supply, which benefits all organs. Consequently you feel

  • fitter,
  • more alert
  • and more relaxed

The more parts are massaged, the better it is for your blood circulation.



With a massage you can find your inner peace. For this, Asian massages are very suitable, which put a special focus on the harmony of body, mind and soul. After a grueling day, a massage is just the right thing. It will make you feel fresher the next and more motivated for the time ahead.

During the massage session you put aside your everyday life. The cell phone is turned off, the calendar is put aside and worries and upcoming obligations are disregarded. With the massage you dive into a stress-free world. Let yourself be intoxicated by the soothing scents and enjoy the silence, the warmth on your hand and the soft background music.



A massage can help you loosen up your muscles. If you suffer from constant neck and/or back pain, the symptoms may soon disappear. If you have been active in sports, a massage can prevent sore muscles. Due to the promoted blood circulation, the enriched lactic acid cannot settle in the muscles, which triggers the unpleasant muscle soreness.

A massage can help to find again inner peace.


Have the winter blues caught up with you? On cold days, it’s hard to go to work with a smile. The wet, cold days do not bring joy. A short walk until 3 p.m. is great, but unfortunately, you often don’t have the time.

To help you fight the low mood, a massage can be very helpful. The ethereal scents, the warm movements and the undisturbed silence will get you out of the low. After the massage you will feel like after a short vacation.



A massage can help you activate your self-healing powers. The immune system is increased by the pleasant massage. The immune system is especially important in the cold season to protect the body from bacteria.

So you can prevent colds with a massage and feel fit for the fall and winter. But the immune system is also useful on the warmer days and saves you from summer flu.



During the massage the blood circulation is stimulated. The increased oxygen causes you to breathe more evenly. Breathing is important to regulate the body balance. So, even breathing means continuity, which a healthy body needs. This way, your body can distribute resources evenly and you will have enough energy and stamina for the day.



According to an ancient wisdom, the skin is the mirror of the soul. Stress, dissatisfaction or lack of energy can often be recognized by the appearance of the skin. In order to improve the appearance of your skin, massage is the best way, along with exercise and a healthy diet. Pimples, skin irritations and acute acne can be improved or eliminated with the help of a massage.

Furthermore, massage can help to reduce cellulite. The unloved orange peel skin occurs in almost every woman. Also stretch marks after childbirth or enormous weight loss can almost disappear in men and women thanks to a massage.



Almost 2/3 of Germans regularly complain of neck and/or back pain. This is often due to an awkward sleeping position or slouching at work or school. The massage makes your pain disappear in no time.

The soothing warmth releases tensions that cause restless nights. Thanks to the deep relaxation, you will be able to sleep soundly through the night again, so there will be no more pain in your back or neck.

When it's cold outside, our bodies often tense up faster and more often. A massage relaxes and warms, depending on the technique, body and mind.


There are different types of massage that are suitable for young and old alike. A massage can relieve various ailments and symptoms or even make them disappear. Blood circulation is stimulated, which makes you more relaxed and you breathe more evenly. This leads to a reduction in stress and the muscles are relaxed.

Not only the appearance of your skin changes with a massage, but also your state of mind. You will appear fresher, more rested and more motivated for the days ahead. A massage you bring so many benefits. That’s why you let go of everyday life, turn off your cell phone and put yourself in the hands of a professional masseur.