Lisa Greene

Certified massage therapist

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ZSR-Number: C767663

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“In my role as a massage therapist, I want to provide massage therapy as a hands-on healthcare tool for you to use in your physical rehabilitation, in reaching personal health goal(s) and for preventive for long-term care. Your body will thank you for it.”


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Seefeld Hoeschgasse

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Light to Strong


Strong passion for massage therapy & 13 years of experience

I believe strongly in the healing art of massage therapy and the positive difference it can have on the body both physically and mentally.

My passion as a massage therapist comes with a genuine interest to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. I have over 13 year’ experience working in the health and wellness industry as a massage therapist in both wellness and clinical settings.

Your needs at the centre of the treatment

My massage treatments are built around your individual need, understanding your goal for treatment is important to me to ensure we are working towards the same goal.

As a therapist, my massage style is hands-on, I specialize in combining techniques and blending modalities to provide a well-rounded therapeutic approach.



Since December 2020: Massage Therapist at Origin Massage Zurich - Seefeld
June 2019 – November 2020: Labo Spa Zurich, Switzerland Massage Therapist
November 2018 – May 2019: Medical Masseuse at Kur-Royal im Kaiser Wilhelms Bad Bad Homburg, Germany
October 2018 : Official recognition of Massage Therapy Diploma by RP Darmstadt as a diploma recognized in Deutschland as Medical Massage Therapist.
September 2016 – March 2017: Massage Therapist at Spa St James, Spa Vert Montreal, Quebec
2009 – 2016: Massagte Therapist at Embrace Spa & Wellness Halifax, Canada
July 2007 – August 2009: Massage Therapist at Remedy Halifax, Canada
July 2007: Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia Membership Halifax, Canada
July 2007: Massage Therapy Diploma ICT Northumberland College, Halifax, Canada