Through sound healing you can experience deep relaxation and at the same time experience what a harmony of your body cells feels like. Intuitively, I select sounds that can support your process, such as singing bowls, the gong, tuning forks, the handpan, the koshi or the kalimba. The nervous system can reorganize and recover with the help of the frequencies, the energy field spreads, and your soul is given space to be.


“Everything alive is vibration. Vibration becomes sound – sound is healing for body, mind and soul.”

What effect does sound therapy/sound healing have?

Soundhealing is powerful as it can bring our human mind into other states of consciousness. Traditionally, sound is used for deep meditation, as in Nepal with the Tibetan singing bowls. In South America, soundhealing is an important part of shamanic ceremonies to connect with the spirit world.


Scientific studies have used the electromagnetic waves of the brain to find out how sounds affect the human body. The sound waves of our brain can be measured in Hertz and are between 0.5-20 HZ.


The beta waves (14-20 HZ) occur in the normal waking state when our attention is focused on the outside world.


The alpha waves (8-13 HZ) occur when we daydream or meditate. When the eyes are closed, these waves become even stronger.


The theta waves (4-8 HZ) occur during deeply immersed meditation, deep relaxation and various dream phases. This theta state is ideal for self-healing. This state is often reached during the singing bowl treatment;it can show as sound dream journeys or intuitive impulses. The body is deeply relaxed and regenerates, while the mind rests but perceives intensely.


The delta waves (0.5-4 HZ) appear in deep sleep and in a state of unconsciousness.


Effect of brain waves in the frequency range between alpha and theta:


  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Mental clarity and better concentration
  • Synchronisation the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Pain relief
  • Release of endorphins/happiness hormones
  • Deep physical relaxation
  • Entry into an extended level of consciousness


Other effects of sound on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body:


  • Deep relaxation and muscle regeneration
  • Improved blood circulation and digestion
  • Strengthening the immune system and increasing vitality
  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improved energy flow
  • Emotional and mental blockages are released
  • Improved self-esteem, more creativity
  • Cleaning and balancing of energy centres
  • Finding the way back to yourself
  • The feeling of oneness is strengthened, and a detachment from the feeling of separateness occurs

Singing bowl treatment

During the singing bowl treatment, you lie dressed on a futon on the floor. Our soundhealing therapist Aisha exclusively uses singing bowls. The human body is a complex, vibrating system that responds to all sorts of frequencies. When a part of the body vibrates restlessly and inharmoniously, we can experience a feeling of discomfort or illness. During sound healing, the singing bowls resonate with the body and restore its natural, healthy vibrations. By restoring the body’s own frequencies, imbalances disappear, and healing occurs exactly where it is needed: physically, emotionally, mentally, or energetically.


Effect of the overtones: The interplay of the instruments creates the overtones. Due to the impulse of playing the instruments, overtones can unfold independently in the sound space. The result is a sound field that interacts with the human body. Each tone resonates with the other tone and has a direct effect on consciousness. Getting involved with these sounds mysteriously leads to our inner self. You start to listen with body, mind and soul.


The Tibetan singing bowls are made of seven different metals that are in alignment with the planets of our universe – gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead. There are different ways to work with the Tibetan singing bowls. By placing the singing bowls on your body, you become a sound body yourself. You hear the sounds and feel the vibrations. Due to the very individual resonances, it is possible that the same bowl sounds different with different people. The sound vibrations work their way through the tensions of your whole body. The body is shaken up in a gentle way and forms into a new harmonious structure.


The other type of Tibetan singing bowl treatment can work mainly through your energy field, without the singing bowls touching the body. The singing bowls are arranged around your energy centres next to the body. You feel like you are in a sound bath and feel and hear the sound waves.


The crystal singing bowls are made of pure, powdered rock crystal. The crystal singing bowls fascinate with their spherical and long-lasting sounds. They create a strongly oscillating force field that can fill entire spaces and seems to float freely in the air. Gates to other levels of consciousness are opened and the sound of the crystal singing bowls brings light into consciousness. Vibration is an essential trait of crystal singing bowls. These singing bowls are not placed on the body, but the sounds are heard through the ears and felt through the vibrations on the body.


“The one who knows the mystery of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

Duration, costs and bookings

The duration of a singing bowl treatment at Origin Massage Zurich is between 60 or 90 minutes.

Prices vary depending on the duration of the massage:

90 min. / 195 francs
60 min. / 140 francs

To book a singing bowl treatment please send an email to aisha@origin-massage.ch or contact Aisha under 078 979 99 78.