Alexander Mäder

Certified TCM Therapist

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ZSR-Number: C050563

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I work passionately with the means of Traditional Chinese Medicine and am amazed again and again by the effectiveness of these healing arts.


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  • Heilpraktik TCM
  • Tuina
  • Acupuncture


I already had my first contact with the Taoist Chinese culture through Kung Fu and Qi Gong in my childhood. When I was older, as an athlete in martial arts, I had many points of contact with physiotherapy and conventional medicine. My decision to learn the healing art of Chinese medicine came when, after a long period of suffering from chronic ankle ailments, I ended up in a TCM treatment. The therapist managed to alleviate this pain better and faster than other therapists of Western medicine after months of therapy. Today I myself work passionately with the means of Traditional Chinese Medicine and am amazed again and again by the effectiveness of these healing arts.



2022: Further training with Thomas Falzone - vital mushrooms and their effects
2021: Further education with Josef Viktor Müller – The 12 Shen and 13 Guai points
2021: Move-in of a joint practice with Origin Massage at Lindenstrasse in Zurich Seefeld
2020: Training with Jonathan Shubs – Meridian Conversion Therapy, Unified Acupuncture Theory, Balance Method, www.uat.training
2020: Further education with Hamid Montakab – Mind and Emotions as "Roots of Disease", acupuncture for psychosomatic treatment
2019: Further training with Jürgen Schroll – Treating TCM patterns of internal medicine with Tuina
2019: Further education at the Paramed Academy – Taoist face reading
2018: Start at shared practice Freiestrasse
2018: Further training with Thomas Falzone in the handling of medical mushrooms for treatments with cancer patients and treatments with children
2018: Further training in electroacupuncture for pain syndromes
2017: First Aywa Sana practice at the Shilouette Fitness Center on Langstrasse in Zurich
2017: The "Lavee Residence" project. Organization and project management of a stationary TCM retreat project in Kathmandu Nepal. Planning and realization of a luxury guesthouse with 15 employees, construction of a gastronomic project with TCM dietetics, creation of a health concept,
TCM internship with Patricia Nádrai, constitutional Meridan therapy according to Josef Viktor Müller.
2016: TCM internship in gynecology and reproduction
2016: TCM mentorship at the Paramed Academy/Pasquale D'Amelio Graduation Acupuncturist hfnh, Tuina Therapist Diploma
2014: First TCM practice. Moxa,Cupping Treatments, Tui Na An Mo Chinese Healing Massage, Manual Procedures
2014: Completion of Module "Conventional Medicine Basics"
2013: Health trainer at Kieser Training AG
2012: Start of training in Chinese Medicine (TCM), higher technical school Paramed Center for Complementary Medicine AG, Baar/ZG