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Gabriela Stoss


“Through a mix of active exercises and massage techniques, my goal is to help you regain your independence from therapy. Pain limits people. You should be able to enjoy your life again freely and without worries!”

With full devotion to the human body

Treating manually is my great passion and an affair of the heart. I feel a deep affection for the human body and find its vibrancy fascinating in all stages. Every body has an endless potential and no matter what state your body is in – it drives me to get the optimum out of it for you. My goal is also to help you learn to perceive your body more consciously in order to recognize for yourself what it needs. It is also important to take into account the overall picture of your lifestyle instead of just the physical problems. Everything is interrelated, and often the smallest changes in our everyday life help to getan improvement.

Phone: +41 79 151 68 90

My completences

Classical Massage
Foot reflexology massage
Lymphatic drainage
Physical therapy
Osteopathic treatment
Medical Thai massage for physiotherapists

How my desire for knowledge led me to osteopathy

I completed my apprentiship in classical medical massage, integrative Thai massage after Pape, foot reflexology, rehab Pilates instructor, lymphatic drainage and received my state examination as a physiotherapist. However, I quickly realized that the possibilities of these therapy methods were not yet completely satisfying for me. Therefore,full of curiosity about other alternatives, I pursued my studies in osteopathy while working fulltime.

General Osteopathic Treatment (GOT) is an option for diagnosis and treatment which is based on touch, mobilization and perception, combined with anatomical knowledge. Because of my photographic memory, I know the body down to the smallest detail which supports me to exactly understand how muscles, bones and organs play together.

Flexibility and creativity

I am a fan of combining my different techniques individually to create the most effective treatment method for you.

My goal is to make you independent of therapy againthrough a mix of active exercises and massagetechniques. Pain restricts people. They should be able to enjoy their lives freely and carefree again! The active exercises are intended to reinforce the massage and give you the tools for self-help. Most ailments require about 3 treatments.

Therapy with empathy

It is important to me to meet each of my patients with empathy and understanding. Empathy is one of the keys to recognize what exactly the other person needs. You want to learn to help yourself and get back to not needing a therapist as soon as possible? I’ll take you there! You want to come to therapy regularly because it feels just good to you? I’ll be happy to treat you until you feel better! No matter what your needs are and at what level you are capable of, together we will find a way to improvement. My commitment, your commitment, we as a team!

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